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Colour & Design Consultation

A Fresh, Experienced Perspective

Colour can transform your home. Glanford Painting owners, Mel and Nathan, have over two decades of experience transforming homes. They know that the paint colour you choose can make your space larger or smaller, give your room a more formal or informal feeling and accentuate or minimise architectural features. Acting as your personal colour consultants, they help you choose colours and textures that suit your taste and personality, and enhance the features of your home.

Mel or Nathan will come to your home at no charge and provide a fresh and experienced perspective, before you get started. We speak to you about your plans and objectives, inspect the space and available light and then provide you with detailed colour options and recommendations. We also often provide other design ideas to help you achieve your intended look.

Whether you are painting a feature wall or your entire home, we recommend you start with our complimentary colour and design consultation.

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